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Canada: Chinese donors to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s foundation wanted a statue of Mao set up in Montreal

Mao Zedong (second from the left( celebrating Joseph Stalin’s (center) 71st birthday in Moscow. According to the ‘Black Book of Communism’, these two Communist dictators were responsible for 65 million and 20 million deaths respectively.
Credit: Wikipedia/Public Domain

In 2002, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau set up a foundation to honor his father, former Canadian Prime Minister Elliot Trudeau, with $125 million in taxpayer funding.

It is said to be a nonpartisan charitable organization.

But the foundation has also received donations from several wealthy Communist China businessmen, who according to The Globe and Mail asked Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to set up a statue in Montreal honoring Chinese dictator Mao Zedong.

Mao is the founder of the Chinese Communist Party and arguably one of the world’s greatest mass murderers.

According to a spokesperson for the University of Montreal, the group even suggested that this memorial could include Prime Minister Elliot Trudeau standing beside Mao.

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