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How many prima donnas in Ottawa? Check the chauffeurs

With gross overspending caused by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s response to the COVID pandemic, Canada is facing a financial crisis. Government debt is set to hit $1 trillion dollar. (Government debt is just unpaid taxes.) So, why are taxpayers still paying for cars and chauffeurs for 53 of the country’s senior bureaucrats?

The Toronto Sun explains:

You should know their names because they are among the most important public servants in Canada, among the 53 bureaucrats in Ottawa given a full-time car and driver. That’s right, they and many others, have a chauffeur on standby to shuttle them around Ottawa.[…]

In Britain, dedicated cars and drivers were cut in 2012 for all but a handful of ministers. In Canada, we not only give a car to the minister of small business, we give one to the chief statistician.

Top federal bureaucrats can earn as much as $350,000 a year, plus bonuses of up to 39% of their base salary. Add in the car, the expense accounts and other measures — I’ve seen club memberships included — and the price can be quite high.

READ: LILLEY: Top civil servants getting chauffeured on your dime

For a better idea how much Trudeau overspent during this COVID-19 pandemic check out the chart below that compares the growth in debt levels of major countries between 2019 and 2020. Canada tops the chart, and it’s not even close. Government debt is light blue.

Now to be fair, it would be unfair to blame COVID for all of Trudeau’s financial incompetence.

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