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Is Ivermectin turning the COVID tide in India?

The mainstream media seems to have lost interest in what is happening in India. For a few days, it was front page news as they terrorized the rest of the world about the India variant of COVID. The loss in interest may be due to the fact that COVID cases and death counts started dropping in parts of India because of a 50 cent drug called Ivermectin.

India: ‘I will not leave Jesus’

A Christian family in the village of Kambawada, India was forced to leave after radicalized villagers demanded they renounce their newly found faith in Christ. Christian Headline writes: A family that recently converted to Christianity was banished from their Indian village this year after they stood firm in their faith and refused to recant. Jaga Padiami and his wife accepted Christ in December after hearing the gospel when a group of Christians visited their home village in Kambawada, India. But in January, they were called to a village meeting and told by the village chief, Koya Samaj, to renounce their Christian faith. Both refused, according to a report by International Christian Concern. Residents then began to harass the couple, and Samaj gave them an additional five days to recant their faith or face banishment from the village.  READ: ‘I Will Not Leave Jesus’: Indian Family Forced from Village after Refusing to Renounce Christ

India and Chinese tanks face off in Himalayas

In recent years, Communist China has instigated several border disputes in an effort to seize territory from other countries. It is what bullies do. However, the Communist regime recently got itself into border dispute with India after it tried to seize India territory in the harsh Himalayan mountains. India is not a small country that can be easily bullied and in the last confrontation it laid a whupping on the Chinese army in hand-to-hand fighting.

OpenDoors reports a 60% increase in the number of believers who died for their faith in 2020

According to OpenDoors annual report, there was a 60% increase in the number of Christians who died for their faith in 2020 over 2019. This was a largely led by a dramatic rise in the number of Christians murdered in Nigeria by Islamic extremists. OpenDoors reported that 4,761 Christians died for their faith last year with 2,200 of them taking place in Nigeria. Several have been warning of a potential for a Christian genocide in the African nation. It also appears that the violence directed at Christians in Nigeria is spreading into neighbouring countries. This has been part of an overall increase in the persecution of Christians around the world noted by OpenDoors, an organization dedicated to helping persecuted Christians around the world. In their report, OpenDoors added that governments have also been using the COVID-19 pandemic as an excuse to come down on Christians. They are not only trying to stop churches from meeting, while allowing similar secular events to continue, but in some areas of the world, they are purposefully cutting back aid …

More on Communist China military training in Canada

I reported on it earlier, but stories are circulating around the world about how Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau not only allowed Communist China’s military to train in Canada, but he was the first to invite them. People are absolutely dumbfounded. According to an Access to Information request, Communist China’s army had trained with the Canadian military 17 times, before Canada’s generals finally stood up to Trudeau.

Blasphemy Against Jesus in India

A group of Roman Catholics has applied India’s blasphemy laws against a man who describes himself as a rational atheist. A Catholic group has a statue of Jesus, and apparently the statue weeps. Water drips down the face of the Jesus statue, and people have described this as tears. They have begun drinking the “tear” water because they believe it has healing properties. Weeping Jesus statues have been reported in many parts of the world, and they usually become pilgrimage sites for Catholics. The group in India is offended because an atheist has examined the statue, and according to him, the “tears” are leaking sewage. He believes people should not put the liquid in their mouths. The Catholic group that owns the statue is offended, and they see the atheist’s claims as an attack on their religion. They have enforced religious blasphemy laws and the atheist might be sent to prison. To avoid legal problems, the investigating critic has moved far away to Finland, where he can’t be charged. He can be exonerated in India …

What is Happening in India?

We should all know about the riots and demonstrations that are happening in India. At this time, more than twenty people have been killed, property has been damaged, and the reputation of the nation is at risk. The problem is a kind of civil war between religious groups, Hindus and Muslims. I am writing about this as a Christian, and I don’t want to take sides. I hope the people involved can find a solution for their disagreements. India and Pakistan have a history of violence between Hindus and Muslims, and millions have died. RELATED: Death toll in India citizenship law protests climbs to 23: CBC Father Raymond de Souza: Is India abandoning secularism to exclude Muslims?: National Post In the most recent violence, the Government of the nation has been accused of discrimination against Muslims. The party that governs India is composed of Hindu nationalists, and the troubles can be seen as a religious argument. The Government has passed a bill to give citizenship to refugees who escape from three neighboring countries. Those neighboring …

For the first time, India, the second largest country in the world, has entered the top ten list of countries where Christians face the worst persecution. Credit: Piviso/Flickr/Public Domain

‘Shocking’ jump in number of Christians facing persecution in 2018

According to figures released by Open Doors, the persecution of  Christians took a massive jump last year stating that 30 million people were added bringing the number of Christians vulnerable to persecution to 248 million, a 13.9% increase over 2017. Open Doors described this year-over-year increase in persecution as “shocking.” But it is part growing trend of Christian persecution seen around the world seen in recent years. Five years ago, Open Door only had one country on its severe persecution list and in 2018, there are now 11. Part of the 2018 jump is due to increased persecution of Christians in two of the world’s largest countries, China and India. In fact this past year India joined the top ten list of most dangerous countries for Christians for the first time. This was primarily due to the rise of persecution of Christians by radical Hindus, who believe it is non-Indian to join other religions. The change in China has been equally dramatic as it jumped from 43 spot in 2017 to 27th in 2018 as …

Despite persecution, Christianity continues to grow in India, particularly among the lowest Caste. Photo: Ville Miettinen/Flickr/Creative Commons

Despite persecution, Christianity continues to surge in India

Despite the rising tide of persecution against Christians around the world, reports continue to flow in on how God is continuing to move. The latest is India where on April 17, 2016, two Hindu extremists posing as Christians approached pastor Deenbandhu Sameli seeking prayer. The pastor who was in his church in Karanji Village at the time, let the two in. The two men turned on the pastor, beat him and forced Sameli to say “jai sri ram” a reference to the Hindu god Veshnu. The two men then poured gas over the pastor and his wife to force them to convert. However, the two were able to escape before the extremists set them on fire. Yet despite this persecution, Christian Aid Mission (CAM) reports that God is moving in one of the most heavily persecuted provinces in India — Kandhamal Province. Just eight years ago over 100 Christians were killed in this district by riots sparked by Hindu extremists who blamed the August 23, 2008 murder of a popular Hindu monk Laxshmananda Saraswati and …

Three Sadhus in Kathmandu, Nepal. The author notes they were not the strictist observers. Photo Markus Koljonen/Wikipedia

The Apostle of the bleeding feet

Sundar Singh (1889-1929?) was born into a Sikh family in Rampur, Ktaania, Ludhiana (Punjab state), Northern India. Common in this part of India, Sikhs differ from Hindus in that they believe there is only one God and they don’t accept Hindu’s caste system. The fifth largest religion in the world, Sikhs are often confused with Muslims because the men traditionally wear turbans. Though Sundar’s mother desired her son to be a Sadhu or Sikh holy man and sent her son to a guru to be trained as a Sadhu, she also wanted her son to learn English and sent him to a Christian school. After his mother died, Sundar, then 14, became very angry and began to take out his frustration on Christians. He not only mocked them but once in a fit of anger burnt a Bible page by page in front of his friends. His anger and frustration boiled over and he contemplated suicide by throwing himself in front of a train. After praying that the “true God” would reveal Himself, Jesus appeared …

Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India Photo: Amit Gupta/Flickr

Christian Heroes – Dr. Paul Brand

Paul Brand was a Christian doctor who dedicated his life and his skills to the people of India. He was the son of missionaries to India and, from the age of nine, was schooled and trained in England while his parents remained. After Brand graduated as an orthopaedic surgeon, he was recruited to serve at the Christian Medical College in Vellore. However, history remembers him most for his work at a nearby sanatorium for victims of Hanson’s Disease – leprosy. Little was known or understood about the crippling effects of leprosy on its victims. Brand realized that some of the same techniques used to rehabilitate the motor functions of victims of diseases such as polio held promise for treating leprosy. After a year of research and study, Brand began a series of surgeries on Krishnamurthy, a young man whose hands were completely atrophied and useless, his fingers curled into a claw position. Patiently, over time, Brand split moved healthy muscles and tendons to serve in place of paralyzed muscle. The claw gradually was restored to …

Former Muslim imam says the Qur’an is the reason he converted to Christianity

[by Dean Smith] Mario Joseph is a Catholic teacher/evangelist living and ministering in India. He differs from a priest in that he is married with children. He also differs in another respect — he was a Muslim imam before his conversion. He grew up in an area of India that was predominantly Muslim and Hindu with few Christians. His family were strong Muslims and Mario was sent to Qur’an school at the age of 8. By the time he was 18, Mario was serving as an imam in his local mosque. In this video, Mario provides the fascinating details of his conversion from Islam to Christianity. It starts, oddly enough, because of question asked in a mosque where he was teaching. He was telling those gathered that Jesus was not God, when someone shouted out: “Who is Jesus?” It was because of this question, Mario searched the Qur’an to find out more about Christ. What he discovered puzzled him. According to Mario, the Qur’an only mentions Mohammad four times, while Jesus Christ is mentioned 25. …

DMADV and other funny words

What Nehemiah Did and How You Can Do Anything: chapter 2: Define What You Do [by Sandy McIntosh] We can do great things, with the right tools. Nehemiah did impossible things that changed history, in a good way. His story shows us how to start. Nehemiah was passionate about his nation and the city of Jerusalem, where the temple of God was, but he had a few deficits. He was a slave to the king, and probably an old man. He was probably also a “saris” a eunuch with no family. On the good side the emperor trusted Nehemiah and kept him as a top government employee. There were so many reasons to stay home and send someone else.