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India: ‘I will not leave Jesus’

A Christian family in the village of Kambawada, India was forced to leave after radicalized villagers demanded they renounce their newly found faith in Christ.

Christian Headline writes:

A family that recently converted to Christianity was banished from their Indian village this year after they stood firm in their faith and refused to recant.

Jaga Padiami and his wife accepted Christ in December after hearing the gospel when a group of Christians visited their home village in Kambawada, India.

But in January, they were called to a village meeting and told by the village chief, Koya Samaj, to renounce their Christian faith. Both refused, according to a report by International Christian Concern.

Residents then began to harass the couple, and Samaj gave them an additional five days to recant their faith or face banishment from the village. 

READ: ‘I Will Not Leave Jesus’: Indian Family Forced from Village after Refusing to Renounce Christ

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