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India and Chinese tanks face off in Himalayas

In recent years, Communist China has instigated several border disputes in an effort to seize territory from other countries. It is what bullies do. READ: It’s not just India, China has border disputes with 18 countries. Here’s the list ANDSunken boats. Stolen gear. Fishermen are prey as China conquers a strategic sea

However, the Communist regime recently got itself into border dispute with India after it tried to seize India territory in the harsh Himalayan mountains. India is not a small country that can be easily bullied and in the last confrontation it laid a whupping on the Chinese army in hand-to-hand fighting. We know that, because while India was willing to release information on how many of its soldiers were killed. China refused.

But recently the border confrontation went to the next level with both countries bringing in tanks.

The Daily Mail explains:

Chinese and Indian tanks are facing off just hundreds of yards from each other at their disputed Himalayan border, according to an image shared on Chinese media.

The photo shows armoured vehicles lined up against each other beside encampments along the 2,000-mile border where last year grisly hand-to-hand combat left 20 Indian soldiers dead.

The image was first shared on Chinese social media site Weibo by a ‘military blogger’ and the story has since been picked up by pro-Beijing news sites which boast of the prowess of their Type-15 tanks. 

Since June’s clash, the first deadly fighting in 45 years, India and China have heavily fortified their positions on either side of India’s Ladakh region and deployed thousands of troops.

READ: Indian and Chinese tanks ‘go face-to-face within 100 yards of each other on either side of disputed Himalayan region border’

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Meanwhile, Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, invited the Chinese Communist Party to send its military to Canada to learn cold-weather fighting. READCanada Invited Communist China To Come To Country To Participate In Military Exercises: Reports

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