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Do trucks glorify violence and domination?

I have often stated that everyone, whether they believe in God or not, should be on their knees thanking God every night before they go to bed that city politicians are not running their country. Case in point: A left-wing politician in the Canadian city of Vancouver recently went on a rant claiming that anyone who owns a pick-up truck is complicit in the “glorification of violence and domination.”

Lessons from Nothing

Nothing. Scientists claim that everything came from nothing. But they have a hard time describing nothing or where it came from or why it was there. Nothing is crucial to their Big Bang Theory which is man’s attempt at explaining what God did without actually saying God did it. As you can imagine, this takes a lot of work and a lot of words. People have talked about nothing ever since. Probably before that as well. But to build a whole science of nothing is absolutely brilliant. You can’t prove anything, so there really never is an end to this body of esteemed literature. It just goes on and on, with loads of grants and support dedicated to the cause of nothing. Anything goes, just so long as you ignore the truth. It gets even better with the theory of evolution. According to this great tidbit of wisdom, all life came from pond scum. This is hard to believe so you need to be really knowledgeable about nothing. You see, nothing created the universe and …

Have the lockdowns gone to the dogs?

I can’t explain why dogs are suddenly becoming the theme for the 2021 lockdowns. I previously reported how the Canadian province of Quebec implemented a curfew preventing people from leaving their homes after 8 pm, unless they are taking their dog for a walk. Apparently, dogs protect people from COVID after 8 pm. And continuing with the dog theme, a factory in France is now requiring that its workers wear dog collars.

India and Chinese tanks face off in Himalayas

In recent years, Communist China has instigated several border disputes in an effort to seize territory from other countries. It is what bullies do. However, the Communist regime recently got itself into border dispute with India after it tried to seize India territory in the harsh Himalayan mountains. India is not a small country that can be easily bullied and in the last confrontation it laid a whupping on the Chinese army in hand-to-hand fighting.

Are religious people stupid?

You may have heard the arguments, psychologists have done many studies, and they have found that atheists are more intelligent than religious people. Here is a quote from an article linked here: “the research found that atheists performed better overall than the religious participants even when demographic factors like age and education were taken into consideration. Agnostics mostly placed between atheists and believers on all tasks.” READ: Atheists are more intelligent than religious people, finds study How does that make you feel? One question is; does religion make people stupid, or do stupid people choose religion? I’m writing as a Christian; I believe in the God who made this world, and I believe that Jesus made the way for us to find God. Does that make me stupid? Recently, I explained what I believe to a young relative of mine, and his answer was something like “How can an intelligent person believe that?”  I still have a good relationship with my relative, but the experience taught me some important lessons. When believers are accused of …

Twitter CEO secretly caught planning to ramp up censorship

We have all heard the theory that if you put a frog in a pot and slowly turn up the heat, it won’t jump out because it is cold-blooded, and will allow itself to boil to death. Well, apparently Twitter CEO and billionaire Jack Dorsey is planning a similar strategy on Twitter. Dorsey was secretly caught on tape stating that the ban on US President Donald Trump was just the first step in censorship of conservatives. But he plans to do it slowly, hoping we won’t notice.