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Do trucks glorify violence and domination?

I have often stated that everyone, whether they believe in God or not, should be on their knees thanking God every night that city politicians are not running their country. Case in point: A left-wing politician in the Canadian city of Vancouver recently went on a rant claiming that anyone who owns a pick-up truck is complicit in the “glorification of violence and domination.”

The Blaze explains:

A Canadian politician is receiving worldwide attention after he said that “unnecessary trucks” are complicit in the “glorification of violence and domination.”

He also questioned the masculinity of male truck owners, but was clearly taken aback when social media users came to question his own masculinity following the lengthy rant.

Mathew Bond, a North Vancouver, Canada, council member shared a photo of a large pickup truck on social media, which he captioned, “The glorification of violence and domination. #unnecessarytrucks #petromasculinity.”

Bond explained that the truck — a large white pickup with a large plate with a tongue-in-cheek joke reading “Global Warmer” — was dismissive in its treatment of global warming.

READ: Politician says pickup trucks glorify ‘violence and dominion,’ questions male truck owners’ masculinity — but then gets angry when they question his

Of course, he started backtracking when people started pointing out that some people actually need trucks for their work with a few pointing out as a city politician he probably hasn’t “done a day of ‘real’ work in his life.”

Of course, everyone knows what Bond was really upset about was the license plate that read “Global Warmer.”

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