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Meanwhile, in the Sahara

While the man-made global warming fanatics are demanding that governments continue the lockdowns indefinitely in an effort to fight climate change, it is snowing in the Sahara. It has been 50 years since temperatures in some areas affected went below freezing. It just shows that there are multiple factors that affect weather besides SUVs.

The Daily Mail explains:

While January brings snow and ice to many parts of the world, the deserts of Africa and the Middle East are not usually among them.

But this month has seen snowfall in the Sahara and temperatures in Saudi Arabia plummeting to -2C (28F).

A photographer has captured ice on the sand dunes in the Sahara in dreamlike images as temperatures dipped below freezing. 

Meanwhile in Saudi Arabia, locals and foreigners alike flocked to the desert in the Aseer region to enjoy the rare sight, Geo TV reported.

READ: What IS going on with the world’s weather? Ice blankets the Sahara desert while snow falls in Saudi Arabia where temperature has dropped to -2C

Meanwhile, there were 148 scientific papers released in 2020 seriously questioning global warming.

Whatsupwiththat explains:

Scientists continued defying the “unprecedented” global warming narrative by publishing nearly 150 papers  in 2020 that show large regions of the Earth (a) haven’t warmed in recent decades, (b) were as-warm or warmer within the last several centuries, and/or (c) were 1-7°C warmer than today just a few millennia ago.

READ: What Global Warming? 148 New (2020) Scientific Papers Affirm Recent Non-Warming, A Degrees-Warmer Past

Meanwhile, reports are coming in that the glaciers are not disappearing.

READ: B.C. glaciers 38 per cent thicker than expected, surprising study finds

And meanwhile, Glacier National Park has removed its signs warning that the glaciers would all disappear by 2020. READ: Glacier National Park Quietly Removes Its ‘Gone by 2020’ Signs

And one thing that has always puzzled me is this: if CO2 emissions are killing the planet, why was one of the largest CO2 emitters in the world basically exempt from the Paris climate accord? READ: Former environment senator Fritz Vahrenholt: “We are threatened by a dramatic loss of prosperity”

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