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The COVID trolley police?

Just when you think you it can’t get any crazier, a politician comes through with something new — COVID trolley police. Trolley is the British equivalent of a grocery cart in North America.

As the second wave of COVID is hitting Britain, the Welsh government has initiated a second lockdown. And it seems to be crazier than the first. They have told people that they can go shopping for essentials such as food, but while you are in the store, you can’t buy unessential items such as bedsheets.

Of course, it comes as no surprised that First Minister Mark Drakeford, the politician behind this lockdown, is leader of the left-leaning Welsh Labour Party.

The Welsh government is requiring stores to cover up all aisles of items considered unessential and to check people’s carts to ensure that they are not buying non-essential items.

If your boy rips his clothes at school too bad, you can’t buy him a new set of jeans, he has to go to school with the torn ones.

The Daily Mail explains:

Staff in Tesco became Wales’ first ‘trolley police’ as they covered-up non-essential items during the country’s coronavirus firebreak lockdown.

The workers in the Pontypool branch were seen hiding shelves of bedding behind plastic sheets to stop customers buying them ahead of the start of the restrictions. 

Four members of staff could be seen inspecting the cover-up for a 20-minute trial one ahead of the firebreak starting this evening. […]

Retailers have been given mere hours to put together plans for the lockdown, which will run until November 9, as shopkeepers argue the rules do not make sense as customers will already be in their stores to buy the ‘essential’ items.  

As well, police have set up checkpoints along the Welsh/Britain border to check every vehicle entering or leaving Wales, to ensure they have a valid reason for travelling.

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