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Didn’t God warn us about kings?

Coronation of King Rama X in 2019 Credit: hor Tris_T7/Wikipedia/Creative Commons 4.0

There is growing discontent for Thailand’s King Maha Vajiralongkorn, who also goes by King Rama X. But if you live in Thailand and dare criticize King Maha, it’s jail time for you. You can receive a jail term of up 15 years under the country’s stringent lèse-majesté laws.

And it is even illegal to mock King Maha’s deceased pet poodle, Foo Foo, who at one point was officially dubbed “chief” of the country’s air force. There was a lavish four-day funeral when Foo Foo died in 2015

Maha has only been king for four years since replacing his father who died in October 2016. King Maha is extremely wealthy and some estimate his holdings at around $30 billion. Though his political role is largely symbolic, he does occasionally interfere in Thailand’s political affairs.

The Daily Mail writes:

To begin with, there is his penchant for wearing teeny-weeny crop tops, very low-slung jeans and enormous fake tattoos.

Then there is his messy love life — the 68-year-old is on his fourth wife, whose company he shares with his official concubine, recently back in favour after a brief and brutal hiatus. 

And there is his bizarre obsession with his late poodle Foo Foo, whom he liked to dress in full Royal Thai Air Force regalia, including ‘paw mitts’, and seat at official dinners.

Maha also regularly insists that courtiers crawl on their knees towards him, orders anyone out of his favour to have their head shaved, and once made a wife eat out of Foo Foo’s dog bowl while she was semi-naked. 

For more on King Maha, READ: Inside the court of King Bling: He’s got £30bn, has had four wives and orders courtiers to crawl on their knees. Oh, and he made his pet poodle a chief of the air force. No wonder the Thai people are rebelling against him, writes JANE FRYER

When Israel began calling for a king, God warned what would happen (1 Samuel 8:10-18 ESV).

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