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Left wing trolls try to cancel Chris Pratt

Actor Chris Pratt Credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr/Creative Commons

Left-wing, social media trolls are trying to cancel mega Hollywood star Chris Pratt because he didn’t attend a fundraiser for US Presidential candidate Joe Biden. All the major cast members for the movie The Avengers, except Pratt, agreed to attend.

After the news about this surface, Twitter trolls immediately turned on Pratt stating the popular movie actor should be cancelled from future Marvel movies.

Through out his career, Chris has been apolitical stating that neither party truly represents his views. Of course, once the trolling started they quickly turned on Pratt’s Christian faith.

Fox News writes:

On Saturday, filmmaker Amy Berg took to Twitter to share images of four famous men named Chris: Pratt, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pine and Chris Evans.

“One has to go,” she wrote in the post, playing on a popular meme that began by Twitter users asking followers to eliminate one of four pictured Halloween candies.

The tweet has amassed thousands of comments, mostly suggesting that Pratt “go,” citing his rumored political views — he has not officially endorsed a candidate — and his support of a church that was accused of being anti-LGBTQ, per Yahoo! Entertainment

READ: Chris Pratt deemed ‘worst Hollywood Chris’ by Internet; Marvel stars, wife Katherine Schwarzenegger defend him

The Daily Wire writes that some Twitter trolls accused Pratt of “radiating ‘homophobic white Christian supremacist energy.'”

Fortunately, several mega stars who actually know Chris have jumped to his defence. READ: Chris Pratt Criticized For Skipping Joe Biden Fundraiser; Robert Downey Jr. Comes To His Defense

Even Marvel actor Mark Ruffalo, a renown left-wing activist in Hollywood, came to Pratt’s defence:

Daily Mail writes:

Chris Pratt’s Marvel co-stars Mark Ruffalo and Robert Downey Jr have rallied to defend the actor after so-called woke warriors slammed his conservative political beliefs and Christian faith.  

Pratt came under fire over the weekend from critics questioning why he has not been more politically engaged about current events – given his platform as one of Hollywood’s biggest names. 

READ: Avengers assemble: Robert Downey Jr. leads his Marvel co-stars in defending Chris Pratt after woke warriors attacked him for his conservative politics and Christian faith

How Chris Pratt became a Christian

In an interview with Esquire Magazine, Chris shared how he became a Christian. He was standing outside a liquor store in Hawaii waiting for friends, when a man approached Chris with a prophetic word.

Pratt explained what happened next:

“I stopped because Jesus told me to stop and talk to you. He said to tell you you’re destined for great things.” […]

“My friends came out, and I was like, ‘Hey, I’m gonna go with this guy.’ I gave my soul to Jesus within, like, two days. I was stuffing envelopes for his organization, Jews for Jesus. I’m not even sure, at that age—I was nineteen years old—I knew what Jewish was.”

Chris was working as a server in a restaurant in Hawaii at the time, and four weeks later a Hollywood producer came in for a meal and as they often quip, the rest is history. READ: “That would be good for the story, wouldn’t it? If an alligator bit my hand?“: Esquire

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