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Poverty: Did you know that we are all poor?

I had plans for this weekend. I know about a kind of restaurant attached to a grocery store, and it looked good for a family meeting. I had it planned, and I was going to pay. In Canada, we have Thanksgiving in October, and we all hoped for a good one.

Then everything changed.

One person couldn’t travel to join us. One mother didn’t want her children in a public place for a meal, in this COVID year. I agreed with her choice, and then I was called to work on Saturday. Someone phoned in sick and I was needed. Someone else has an elderly mother, and I encouraged her to spend her day there.

We had money to pay for the meal, and we like each other, but we didn’t have time. My family meeting was some coloring books for the kids, a cup of tea and some banana bread for me, and a conversation with one person. He had to do some emergency work on his computer, for his employer, so the conversation was interrupted.

Even rich people live in poverty, when we count time. Jesus told about a rich man who got even richer, and then ran out of time:

“You fool! This very night your life will be demanded from you. Then who will get what you have prepared for yourself?” (Luke 16: 20)

I hope we can all learn this lesson, today is the best time in your life, for other people and for God. We have today.

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