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Poll confirms damage caused by lockdowns

While politicians are turning back to lockdowns as the second wave of COVID hits, more studies are coming out suggesting that this lockdown cure is worse than the disease it is supposed to be fighting.

The latest involves a survey conducted by GoHealth that revealed the negative impact lockdowns are having on seniors.

Study Finds reports:

NEW YORK — Isolation can be difficult for everyone. For seniors, especially those living alone, the coronavirus pandemic can cut them off from the vital help they need daily. A new survey finds social distancing is also taking a toll on the mental health of many older Americans.

The study of 1,000 Medicare recipients finds one in four feel their mental health, physical health, or both has declined under COVID restrictions. Of this group, the most common symptoms of mental health decline includes anxiety, depression, and irritability.

More specifically, an alarming 85% of seniors are battling more anxiety these days. Similarly, 78% have felt depressed, while 76% are more irritable since the start of the pandemic.

READ: Solitary confinement: 4 in 5 seniors have felt more anxious, depressed during pandemic

Of course, people might argue how could the lockdowns be hurting the elderly, if they are the ones most susceptible to the virus.

Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, a Stanford University epidemiologist, is one of the originators of the Great Barrington Declaration calling for an end to lockdowns. He says that lockdowns are only extending the pandemic by preventing people from getting COVID.

He says the only way this pandemic will end is by achieving herd immunity either through people getting the virus and gaining immunity or by vaccination — probably still months away. (Watch the video at the bottom of this post).

In turn, Lockdowns are causing significant mental, emotional and physical problems and this includes seniors as the GoHealth poll revealed.

If governments had gone with the herd immunity approach, letting everyone catch the virus realizing the vast majority will have little to no symptoms, while focussing on protecting the elderly, the pandemic would be over by now.

Instead, all the lockdowns are doing is extending the pandemic for months. They are extending the damaging mental, physical and economic impact of isolation.

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