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All things work together for good

CBN reports on how Victor Marx, founder of All Things Possible Ministries had been kicked off a flight because he allegedly wasn’t wearing his facemask properly. Photos and videos suggest Victor’s mask was covering both his nose and mouth.

However, he was also wearing a t-shirt in support of police on the front and a Biblical verse on the back, Joshua 1:9, but I am sure that had nothing to do with what happened.


When Victor questioned the male attendant about his mask, CBN explains what happened next:

Then the attendant threatened to have Marx removed from the plane. When Marx questioned the man’s reasoning, the flight attendant reportedly turned and walked away.

The video reveals that after a few minutes had passed, the captain of the plane, who Marx describes as being embarrassed, asked him to step outside.

The captain told Marx the flight attendant “felt threatened” by him. The pilot felt bad, the video explained. “Our masks were worked the same way as the flight attendant. It couldn’t be the mask, so why was I singled out?” he asked.  

So Marx and his wife left the plane and decided to catch a flight the next day.

And here is what happened.

When, they entered the terminal, they came across a person having serious medical problems.

For the next 8 to 10 minutes, Marx performed CPR on the man until police and EMT arrived on the scene helping save the man’s life.

For more on this story, READ: ‘God Redeems ALL THINGS’: Ministry Leader Booted from Plane Ends Up Helping Save a Life on His New Flight


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