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China rewrites the Bible story of the woman caught in adultery

The woman caught in adultery by Geurcino (1591-1666) credit: Wikipedia/Public Domain

After the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) tried to rewrite, with lies and distortions, its handling of the Coronavirus, it shouldn’t surprise us that CCP has also decided to rewrite a Bible story.

In John 8, we read how Jesus saved the women caught in adultery. When the pharisees brought the woman to Christ asking what should be done with her, Jesus said that anyone without sin could cast the first stone. As the Lord began to write words in the dirt, one by one, the woman’s accusers skulked away. Jesus finished by telling the woman that He didn’t condemn her either. It was a story of God’s grace and forgiveness.

Christian Headlines explains CCP’s rewrite of this account:

(CHRISTIAN HEADLINES) – The biblical story of Jesus saving the woman caught in adultery has been twisted and given a new ending in a Chinese textbook, with Jesus killing the woman and telling her that He, too, is a sinner, according to a new report.

The textbook, published by the government-run University of Electronic Science and Technology Press, is used to teach “professional ethics and law” in vocational schools, according to Union of Catholic Asian News, which first reported the controversy. […]

The Chinese textbook, though, changes the ending, according to UCA News. The textbook says, “When the crowd disappeared, Jesus stoned the sinner to death saying, ‘I, too, am a sinner. But if the law could only be executed by men without blemish, the law would be dead.'”

READ: China changes Bible story, says Jesus killed woman caught in adultery

The irony is this is supposed to be a course on ethics and the law. So it gives you an idea how the Communist Party’s justice system works. It lies. It makes up stories. It distorts the truth.


  1. WilliamtheResolute says

    Think long and hard before you are willing to tolerate CCP UN troops as…peace keepers.


  2. Jack Jackson says

    The reason Jesus did not condemn is that even He obeyed the Torah (Law) that there be two or three witnesses. The witnesses had left. No witnesses, no condemnation according to the Torah God gave Moses. Jesus was called Emanuel meaning God with us.


  3. tapersmith says

    The fact is that entire account of the adulterous women is viewed as spurious by many scholars due to it not being found in the earliest manuscripts and has not been included or at least has been footnoted in many bibles.


  4. Yes, the whole story of Jesus and the woman caught in adultery is an apocryphal addition that was added in the fifth or sixth century AD, centuries after John finished writing his inspired Gospel. And it was first added to Latin versions and then later was added into Greek versions. The Chi-Coms are correct that the apocryphal story promotes lawlessness, but it just needs to be thrown out of the Bible, as other apocryphal additions were also thrown out in the past.
    You can read a bit about the textual history here:


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