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COVID exaggeration?: Poll exposes perception vs reality

The Coronavirus has become so politicized it is sometimes difficult to see the truth.

If you want a clear read on how much the COVID-19 pandemic has been exaggerated by the mainstream media and some politicians, you only have to look at a recent poll conducted by an international polling firm, KEKST CNC, for proof.

Of course, you probably have not heard of this poll because, surprise, surprise, the mainstream media is ignoring it.

There is perception and then there is reality. Perception is what people believe is happening because they have been repeatedly hit with one-sided messaging on a particular issue. Some call it propaganda, others would call it brainwashing.

When this perception becomes their reality, it can result in irrational fears.

In their poll, KEKST CNC simply asked people their beliefs on what percentage of people had died from COVID in their respective countries.

In summarizing their finding, KEKST wrote:

“Out of proportion: People think coronavirus is more widespread, and more deadly, than official figures show”

So how did countries fare?

  • US PERCEPTION: People believe 9% of Americans had died from COVID which translates into 30 million deaths. US REALITY: 165,000 have died.
  • UK PERCEPTION: People believe 7% died from COVID which translates into 4.5 million deaths. UK REALITY: 47,000 have died.
  • SWEDEN PERCEPTION: Swedish people believe 6% of their population died from COVID, which translates into 620,000 deaths. SWEDISH REALITY: 6,000 have died
  • FRANCE PERCEPTION: French people believe 5% died from COVID which translates in 3.2 million deaths. FRENCH REALITY: 30,000 have died
  • GERMANY PERCEPTION: Those surveyed believe 3% of Germans had died from COVID which translates into 2.4 million deaths. GERMAN REALITY: 9,000 have died

And of course, this poll also reveals where the most effective brainwashers live — the US. Based on this survey, Americans believe nearly one in ten people have died from COVID. Completely irrational.

I still don’t personally know of anyone who has had COVID, much less died of it.

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