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A black man tells of his encounter with Antifa

Gabriel Johnson Credit: Fox News screen capture

Many allege that Antifa is a Marxist extremist group that is simply using the current racial unrest to instigate violence and push its political agenda.

And Fox News tells what happened to Gabriel Johnson, a Black man, who showed up at a recent Antifa protest in Portland:

Gabriel Johnson, a 48-year-old Black man and retired Marine, said that after he went to protest outside the courthouse with his American flag in hand on July 19, he was called racial slurs and members of Antifa followed him home.

“These people have nothing to do with Black lives. Our Black community leaders need to stand up and lead because what’s happening is they’re letting a group of terrorists that don’t represent me use me, and that’s not right,” said Johnson.

For more on the rioting in Portland. READ: American protests: Demonstrations, violent riots expected to continue throughout the country

And on a related note. READ: Antifa Is Mostly Made Up Of Privileged White Dudes

And of course, many Blacks are starting to turn against the Black Lives Matter organization as well for much the same reason:

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