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Are some Black people getting fed up with BLM?

When several Black Lives Matter protestors showed up at a Dallas restaurant, staring a mini riot, causing damage and ruining what was up to then, an enjoyable evening meal, several patrons videoed the event and posted it to social media.

Black Lives Matter started a riot in this Dallas establishment with the sole purpose of creating chaos and anarchy. They wrecked the entire restaurant.

— Ian Miles Cheong (@stillgray) July 15, 2020

Note the cultural Marxism reference in his second tweet:

Black Lives Matter started a riot at an otherwise peaceful restaurant in Dallas by attacking customers and staff. This is what Cultural Marxism looks like.

— Ian Miles Cheong (@stillgray) July 15, 2020

Damani Felder, a black man eating at the restaurant, was similarly disgusted and noticed that the majority of the Black Lives Matter protestors were white. He added that these BLM protestors did not come to the restaurant to get their message out, they were there to “create a scene.” He provides a play-by-play of the evening and apologized for his swearing:

Tonight, at a restaurant in Downtown Dallas, BLM protesters (most of whom were white) came and disrupted an otherwise peaceful evening and escalated it to violence.

I’ve seen it now with my own eyes…. BLM is cancer.

— Damani Felder (@TheDamaniFelder) July 12, 2020

WND provides part of Felder’s dialogue:

“They did not come out here to be heard, they come out to create a scene. You’ve got to realize what this really is and call it out for what it really is. Out here at this restaurant tonight, we had plenty of white people, plenty of black people all out here having a good time. And they came out here to create this scene, and now they’re acting like they’re the oppressed people.”

READ: Watch Black Lives Matter ‘start a riot’ at restaurant

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