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More shootings at CHAZ or CHOP?

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan assured the world last week that CHAZ or CHOP was going to come to an end. It is a seven-block area inside Seattle taken over by left-wing extremists.

But apparently, CHOP still exists and there have two more shootings in the Marxist utopia resulting in another death. This time it involved the killing of a black 16-year-old and wounding of another black 14-year-old boy.

READ: ‘Enough is enough!’ — Seattle police chief fed up after another fatal shooting of a black teen near CHOP

But the protestors are really, really, starting to annoy the Democrat mayor. Note I had to use two “really(s)” to properly express her outrage.

The Blaze describes why she is so upset:

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan expressed outrage after Black Lives Matter protesters showed up at her home Sunday afternoon, despite her previous support and defense of the “CHOP” encampment.

Protesters targeted her home after Durkan announced last week that the city would no longer support the Capitol Hill Organized Protest encampment and would seek to remove the concrete barriers that helped define the autonomous zone. But the CHOP remains intact.

Apparently, one of the Seattle’s city councillors also participated in the protest in front of Durkan’s home. READ: Seattle mayor who defended CHOP is outraged after protesters showed up at her home

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