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Police officer saves baby of BLM protestor

Some anti-police protestors are pushing the message that all cops are bad. They aren’t.

A young woman was attending a Black Lives Matter protest at a park in Palmdale, California, when her 11-month-old child lost consciousness.

Panicked she and a friend ran over to a nearby Deputy, Cameron Kinsey, asking for help.

Faith Wire explains what happened next:

According to NBC4, the women ran to the deputy who was in a parking lot nearby. Deputy Cameron Kinsey then began attempting to dislodge whatever was in the baby’s mouth, before finally issuing several blows to the baby’s back, which ultimately succeeded and saved the baby’s life.

Turns out the child had swallowed a coin, which became stuck in its airway.

Kinsey was asked about the protest and according to TheBlaze, his response was succinct:

“None of that other stuff matters, just the baby.”

You can watch a video of what happened caught by a nearby security camera:

READ: Deputy Saves BLM Protester’s Dying Child in dramatic video

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