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Black policewoman breaks into tears sharing her story

Lewis Monique is a Black police woman in New Orleans. She recently shared a moving testimony of what happened to her as she was filling up her car with gas while on her way to work.

She added that she was running late and wasn’t sure she should, but decided at the last minute to pull into a gas station. It was there God blessed her.

Faith It describes what happened next:

“Ma’am can I ask you something,” a caucasian taxi driver, who appeared to be about her same age, asked her while he was alongside her pumping gas. “Can I pray for you?”

Though feeling scorched by the early morning heat and rushed to get to work, the young police officer paused and replied, “Sure, of course, there’s never enough prayer. “

The young man explained that his sister is a police officer in New Orleans and he understands what’s going on with all the racial tension and hate toward police officers remarking, “it shouldn’t be that way.”

“I just wanna cover you,” he added with sincerity.

“Immediately I got chills. This young man prayed over me, and I got chills IMMEDIATELY,” Lewis reiterated.

“I gave him a hug, even [with] the COVID-19 because I realized that God was working,” she continued through a stream of tears.

But there is more to this story. READ: “God Spoke to Me. I Got Chills, Immediately”: Man at Gas Pump Leaves Officer in Tears After Covering Her in Prayer

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