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Random rioting news, good news and bad

Peaceful demonstrators fed up with alleged radicals infiltrating their protests, grab man and hand him over to the police: READ: DC rioter causing damage is dragged over and handed to the police by other protesters

Lawyers charged with allegedly throwing Molotov cocktails in New York: READ: Brooklyn lawyers, including Ivy League attorney, face federal charges in Molotov cocktail attack on NYPD

Black protestors protect policeman from violent demonstrators: READ: Viral photo shows Louisville cop protected by black protesters when separated from squad during riot

Minneapolis sports writer seems to be cheering on rioters as they burn down an affordable house project. Then the rioters start heading towards his home: READ: Sports Writer Seemingly Cheers Minneapolis Burning During Riots. Now He’s Panicking As Riots Hit Close To Home.

Justin Timberlake offers to pay fines for rioters. Ted Cruz suggests the actor should help black and minority businessman rebuild their destroyed businesses instead: READ: Justin Timberlake: I’ll Help Pay Bail For Arrested Protesters. Ted Cruz Suggests Better Use Of His Money

Rioters set fire to home with child inside and then tried to stop fireman from rescuing the family: READ: WATCH: Rioters Set Fire To Home With Child Inside, Then Block Firefighters’ Access; Emotional Police Chief Details Incident

Someone has been setting out stashes of bricks and stones prior to rioters showing up. Suggests a bit of organization involved: READ: Random piles of bricks reported at George Floyd protests

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