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Is Antifa behind the rioting in the US?

Several are alleging Antifa is behind the rioting sparked by the death of George Floyd.

Antifa is an alleged radical, anarchist group, that resorts to violence to promote its extreme left views. It is a loosely-nit organization with autonomous cells around the country. Many allege Antifa members are purposefully inserting themselves into peaceful protests in an effort to turn them violent. READ: What is antifa, the far-left group tied to violent protests?

There have been calls in the U.S. for the group to be labelled a terrorist organization.

Several tweets are allegedly connecting Antifa to the violence (includes interesting videos in the links):

So who is actually behind the violence and devastation? Laura Logan has been investigating.

— The Dirty Truth (Josh) (@AKA_RealDirty) May 30, 2020


Angela Stanton King @theangiestanton·

The Black community in MN is calling out white Antifa members for starting the riots and destroying their communities. I keep telling y’all these white liberals are not our friends. #Democrats #GeorgeFloyd #minneapolis

— Angela Stanton King (@theangiestanton) May 29, 2020

Were there bricks stacked ahead of time?

People are waking up! This young man says these bricks were conveniently stacked on the sidewalk for them to use! What’s going on here?! #SetUp #GeorgeFloyd

— Angela Stanton King 🇺🇸 (@theangiestanton) May 30, 2020

Lara Logan of Fox News has some interesting questions and observations:

But the most telling indicator is one you can’t see: WHERE ARE THE RIOTERS FROM? HOW MANY ARE OUTSIDERS & HOW MANY LIVE THERE? Progressive activists/extremist groups like Antifa have a history of coming in to exploit tragedies like this & leave locals to clean up their mess. Show this thread

— Lara Logan (@laralogan)·May 28

Antifa – the anti-facist facists who experts say operate much like the Brown Shirts of Nazi Germany – are not hard to spot. Look at what they’re wearing: a lot of black, often hoodies, an equipment backpack, radios, unusually expensive cameras, go-pro’s mounted on helmets etc. Show this thread

— Lara Logan (@laralogan) May 28·

If they look like they are destroying for the sake of destruction or inciting and instigating – adding fuel to the fire literally and figuratively – professionals say those are signs of organisation, financing, training and intent – not an outpouring of grief and pain and anger. Show this thread

— Lara Logan (@laralogan) May 28

Amidst the looting you can see there are protesters who are NOT participating in the violence and at times trying to intervene or stop it. If you pay close attention you may notice distinctly different groups – it can be pretty obvious once you know what to look for… Show this thread

— Lara Logan (@laralogan) May 28

Are the genuine concerns of locals in Minneapolis being exploited by Antifa and their political backers? Listening to interviews broadcast live, I have heard many locals express a sense of loss for George Floyd’s horrifying murder, but also for the destruction of their city.

— Lara Logan (@laralogan) May 28

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