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Could London be Covid free in as early as two weeks?

England has been one of the countries the hardest hit in recent weeks by the coronavirus and London, its capital city, has been the focal point of the outbreak.

But researchers from Public Health England and Cambridge University shocked everyone when they concluded from their study of the data that London with a population of 9.3 million is only getting 24 new cases a day, and they expect there could be no new infections in as early as two weeks.

Politicians were outraged when they found this out, because they had no idea there had been such a dramatic change and are calling for more transparency in the data. Many Londoners are now calling for an end to the lock down. Predictably some disagreed with these findings.

The researchers also suggested that at least 20% of Londoners had come down with the virus and 12% in the UK. Previous research has shown that at least 80% of the people who catch the coronavirus show minimal symptoms with over half showing no symptoms at all, meaning they don’t even know they are sick. This means they don’t require medical attention and are not getting tested.

Testing for COVID antibodies around the world is revealing that more people have had the virus than previously thought.

According to Worldometer, there have been 34,500 deaths from the coronavirus in the UK. The country has a population of 68 million and if the study is right, a 12% infection rate means 8.2 million people in the UK have already contracted the disease.

This puts the death rate for the coronavirus at only .04% (flu levels) compared the 3% to 4% predicted by the failed computer models that initially estimated 500,000 deaths from COVID. It was these initial projections by now disgraced Neil Ferguson of the UK’s Imperial College that led to the lock down.

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