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I am Superman!

I am Superman.

It’s true.

I have proof of it and you can even ask my wife.

I have a Superman keychain and Superman pyjamas, and even a Superman t-shirt. But I did stop short of the Superman onesie.

Okay so maybe I don’t stop runaway trains and maybe a bullet could speed faster than me. Some would say I don’t even fly.

Never let reality get in the way of the truth!

God changed me into a Superman. Here’s how he did that.

First, do you remember the story of Superman? He was an alien sent to earth from a dying planet. Something about earth gave him super human powers, and he could do all sorts of things like flying and stopping bullets with his chest.

But rather than live the life of a superhero he created an alter ego called Clark Kent.

Clark Kent was not the type of alter ego I would choose. He was wimpy, nervous, and unsure of himself. Basically the exact opposite of Superman. I guess Superman wanted to protect the people he loved from evil, that might attack them if his true identity was discovered. If I looked good in tights, I probably wouldn’t even use an alter ego.  But then where would I put my wallet?

I do like the idea of protecting people from evil. And so I get the idea behind this fake identity thing. I just wonder if there wasn’t another way.

But back to me.

Okay, so how am I Superman? First, let me say that I wasn’t always Superman. And right up front, I am not an alien. At least, no one can prove I am.

I used to be just like Clark Kent. Nervous and unsure of myself and needing people to like me. Getting people to like you is kind of a tough thing to do when you don’t even like yourself, so you end up doing all kinds of things to fit in.

And I did. I won’t list them here but I wasn’t myself. I was everybody else.

Then along came Jesus. Unlike my brother from another planet, I was not instantly transformed into Superman as soon as the atmosphere of God hit me. I was kind of a slow burn.

The struggle between the good and evil within me was real and I must have given my old guardian angel fits. I wonder how many times he went to God and said: “That’s it! I quit! This guy is so annoying! One day he’s with us, the next day he’s not! One minute he’s reading the Bible the next day he’s playing poker!”

Yeah, sorry about that. When I see him in heaven I will have to apologize. Good thing getting into heaven doesn’t rest on what I do or I’d never get there.

Despite myself, Superman started to be stronger in me and gradually Clark Kent whimpered off into the distance. Normally I am now much more confident and much less nervous and unsure and I aim to please God more than people.

What was it the real Superman would say was his motto? “Truth, justice, and the American way.”

I wonder what my motto ought to be. Maybe something like: “I try hard!”

I know that I am not a real superhero because I can only defeat evil forces with the power of God. He is my superpower.

It is from the Lord and I know that I am just a guy that God loves.

Psalm 121 says it all. In verse 2 it says that my help comes from the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth.

So you see we can all be superheroes with backing like that. Superman had to rely on his own strength. I get to rely on God.

And God is way better than Superman.


Andy Becker is a pastor, retired counsellor and former CEO of a Hospice organization. His book, The Travelers, is available at and

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