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61 | Breaking Perception’s power

In this podcast I want to talk about Breaking Perception’s Power or changing your perception of you. I was reading about a few interesting psychological studies that revealed the powerful hold that negative perceptions can have on people. It can be so strong that it even negatively impacts how well you can do things.

The struggle to choose the right path. Credit: James Wheeler/Flickr/Creative Commons

Why do I second guess myself?

Dear Andy Every time I make a decision I doubt myself.  I have very little confidence in myself and many decisions I made have been disastrous.  What can I do to feel more confident and to make better decisions? There are many reasons why someone lacks confidence in their decisions. First I would look at the evidence. No one makes all the right decisions all the time. Perhaps you are focusing on the ones that had less than stellar results. Perhaps there is a history of poor decision making. Many people can be very adept at making decisions in some areas of their lives but not in other areas. For example, a business person might make wise decisions regarding finances or planning for the future but make poor ones regarding dating or relationships. If you are like this, then your focus needs to change from the poor decisions and towards the good decisions you made. Look at the difference between the two. Try to find common themes with the good ones. For example, perhaps they …

I am Superman!

I am Superman. It’s true. I have proof of it and you can even ask my wife. I have a Superman keychain and Superman pyjamas, and even a Superman t-shirt. But I did stop short of the Superman onesie. Okay so maybe I don’t stop runaway trains and maybe a bullet could speed faster than me. Some would say I don’t even fly. Never let reality get in the way of the truth! God changed me into a Superman. Here’s how he did that. First, do you remember the story of Superman? He was an alien sent to earth from a dying planet. Something about earth gave him super human powers, and he could do all sorts of things like flying and stopping bullets with his chest. But rather than live the life of a superhero he created an alter ego called Clark Kent. Clark Kent was not the type of alter ego I would choose. He was wimpy, nervous, and unsure of himself. Basically the exact opposite of Superman. I guess Superman wanted to …