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My Prophetic Journey Part 16: From the Hand or the Heart

Credit: Andrew Lawson/Flickr/Creative Commons

You can always spot the fridge of a proud parent or grandparent, covered with photos and artwork of children. My wife and I are no different. The great value in our granddaughter’s art is not that it’s from the hand of a great artist, but that it is 100% from the heart. The heart trumps the hand!

Matthew 19:14 says, “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven.”

Our response to our heavenly Father must be one focused on His heart, not just what comes from His hand.

Two brothers in the Bible illustrate this perfectly – Jacob and Esau.

Romans 9:13 says, “Jacob I have loved but Esau I have hated.”

Without getting into Calvinism vs. Arminianism, I just want to look at what these two very different men focused on. Jacob, for all his grasping for things and other faults, had a heart for God. On the other hand, we see in Genesis 25 that Esau not only sold his birthright (his father’s blessing for the first-born), but verse 34 says he despised it.

These two brothers are a lesson in contrasts. One was carnal, natural, a man of the earth, the world. The other would do almost anything to receive God’s blessing. These two men became metaphors for the carnal vs. the spiritual.

Jacob, the supplanter, the deceitful one, could be transformed into Israel (Prince with God) because he focused on God’s heart, not just His hand. Esau would take from God’s hand if it suited him, but wanted to do his own thing and not pursue God’s heart.

Jesus noted a number of times that many sought Him out to see miracles, and partake of the loaves and fishes from His hand. There are always fewer people who seek His face and declare Him Lord.

Job was such a man. In Job 1:20-21 he reveals that it was God’s heart he was after, not just His “handouts”.

“Then Job arose and tore his robe and shaved his head, and he fell to the ground and worshiped. And he said: “Naked I came from my mother’s womb, And naked shall I return there. The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; Blessed be the name of the Lord.”

This was Job’s knee-jerk reaction to losing everything.

So, how does all of this apply to our lives and to moving in the prophetic?

Years ago, after I had already been functioning in prophetic ministry, I went through a learning curve which took some time to get through.

Normally, if I knew I would be ministering on a certain date, I would have time to “stir the pot.” I made sure I took time to pray, read the Word, fast, etc. and I would show up ready to minister and it generally went well.

But then there were times I was asked right now to come and pray for someone in need – they need to hear from God now! Panic sets in – it has not been a good day – I had gotten angry at the boss, yelled at my kids, tripped over the dog, uttered some unprintable words and had not read my Bible in two days. So I would show up, praying all the way – God, it’s your gift – I need something from your hand to give this family right away! God was faithful and would give me a word in spite of myself. But God did not want me standing with those who only focus on His hand. He wanted me to learn and be like the one healed leper who came back to focus on Christ’s heart and not just what His hand could do.

So now when I’m caught off guard and there is no time to prepare, I do things differently. If I can, I get by myself for about 5 minutes – I confess any sin and deal with any problem attitudes, spend most of the 5 minutes worshiping God and speaking in tongues, and then bring the person before God and offer myself for His use. Focusing on my loving heavenly Father’s face and His heart puts me in the right place to receive all I need from His hand. If I have God’s heart, I also have His hand.

A light-hearted illustration – As I finished writing this late at night, I headed up to bed, our two dogs also going to their beds. Once they’re in their kennels I usually give each one a treat, getting a “kiss” on the hand in return. That night I was tired and forgot to bring the treats. Our faithful older dog still gave the usual kiss on the hand, but as I put the younger dog in her kennel and held out my hand, there was no kiss from her – no treat, no kiss. Her focus was definitely on her master’s hand instead of his heart!

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  1. What a nice testimony, I’m in a confusing situation, I think God want me to do something but I have a problem of smoking, pornography and mastarbation. But I strongly feel God is teaching me something but I’m not lestining. But your testimony is encouraging. Thanks for the post. I wish I can hear from you soon so that I can explain my situation and receive your guidance. Thanks


    • Thanks for your comment. It is a struggle that many of us face. We can pray each day for the Holy Spirit to help us through the day, but just importantly is there someone in your church, like your pastor, that you could become accountable to, meet even weekly to share your struggle. I have seen this work effectively in the past as one becomes accountable to another and helps them to break free from the struggle. Will be praying for you. God bless


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