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How I have been praying for North Korea

The people of North Korea need a real reason to celebrate. Credit: Roman Harak/Wikipedia

The people of North Korea need a real reason to celebrate. Credit: Roman Harak/Wikipedia

For the past couple of weeks I have been praying that God would bring down the spiritual strong man presently controlling North Korea.

I believe it is this evil principality that is propping up the regime of the country’s current brutal dictator Kim Jung-un.

And I am not alone, Christians around the world are praying for North Korea.

So how have I been praying?

I have been asking God to send a band of Godly angels to bring down North Korea’s spiritual strongman. As we study Israel’s miraculous exodus out of Egypt we often miss the angelic involvement in that deliverance.

The Psalmist writes that God sent in a band of “destroying” angels into Egypt whose job was to battle and even defeat the satanic stronghold in place at that time.

He sent upon them His burning anger,
Fury and indignation and trouble,
A band of destroying angels. (Psalm 78:49 NASV)

We also read how an angel led Israel in the wilderness (Exodus 14:19). Angels played a key role in Israel’s deliverance from Egypt.

In the Book of Daniel, we know that a Godly angel engaged in battle with the Prince of Persia (the demonic evil spirit controlling Persia). The angel was dispatched to deliver a message answering Daniel’s prayers, but was hindered by the Prince of Persia.  The angel Michael then joined the confrontation to make sure the message got through (Daniel 10:13).

After delivering the message to Daniel, the angel says that he was returning to fight the Prince of Persia (Daniel 10:20).

We read an interesting account of the final outcome of the battle in the Book of Zechariah. In his vision, Zechariah saw a demonic spirit imprisoned inside a barrel with a lead covering being physically removed from Persia and transported to Shinar where it would set up a temple (Zechariah 5:5-11).

It was no longer able to manipulate affairs in Persia.

This was similar to what happened when Jesus delivered the man in the Gerasenes. The demons pleaded not to be removed from the country:

10 And he (the evil spirit) began to implore Him earnestly not to send them out of the country. (Mark 5:10 NASV)

So when Jesus delivered the man of the evil spirit, it was cast out of the country. While in Babylonian captivity, when Daniel began interceding for Israel’s restoration to the promised land, God sent in angels that literally captured the demonic spirit controlling Persia and had it removed.

This paved the way for King Cyrus to seize the throne of Persia, a man who God referred to as his anointed servant (Isaiah 45:1) and a king who many consider one of the most benevolent national leaders in world history.

Bringing down a satanic strongman is often associated with a change in government.

We also know that this godly angel sent to fight the demonic prince of Persia protected Cyrus (also called Darius the Mede):

And in the first year of Darius the Mede, I (the godly angel speaking to Daniel) took my stand to support and protect him. (Daniel 11:1 NASV)

I believe the angel not only protected Cyrus’s life from possible assassination, but also demonic influence. This is why the Apostle Paul encourages believers to pray for political leaders (1 Timothy 2:2).

Cyrus was the king God raised up to defeat Babylon and allow Israel to be released from their captivity and returned to the promised land.

So I have been praying that on the other side of the world God would send in angels and pull down the spiritual stronghold controlling North Korea. I believe such a band of angels would engage the demonic forces controlling North Korea on multiple fronts.

Recently I read a report by a Christian organization called World Help who asking for financial help to provide Bibles for believers in North Korea.

Despite North Korea being nominated at the worst country in the world for persecuting Christians for the past 16 years, the organization can’t keep up with the demand for Bibles.

Speaking on behalf of World Help, Vernon Brewer said:

“The North Korean underground church is desperate for God’s word. The only thing they asked me for is more copies of God’s word. They knew getting caught with a copy means that these believers will likely go to jail. They know the risk is worth it..”

Could this be an indicator of a weakening of the demonic stronghold over North Korea?


But whether it is or not, the people of North Korea and the world need to be delivered from this evil.



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