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Did this Prophetic act in Washington, DC break a curse over the US?

Independence day celebrations at the National Mall in Washington, DC Credit: Mark Andre/Flickr/Creative Commons

Independence day celebrations at the National Mall in Washington, DC Credit: Mark Andre/Flickr/Creative Commons

According to an article on Charisma News, some are calling an event that took place on October 21, 2016 a prophetic act that could profoundly impact America.

On that day, 1000 Native Americans representing Indian tribes across both the US and Canada gathered in Washington DC to forgive the early Americans who broke treaties they made with Indian tribes decades ago.

At the event called the National Day of Prayer for First Nations held at the Washington Mall, representatives of America’s tribal groups spoke declarations forgiving America.

Speaking on behalf of the (Euchee) Yuchi tribe, Negiel Bigpond stated he was forgiving “the US, whether it asked for it or not.”

Bigpond who organized the prayer event is a fourth generation pastor and serves as a tribal chief. He along with other native leaders and intercessors spoke a number of declarations that are posted at the All Tribes DC website.

This included:

“We repent of every curse spoken over America by our ancestors and we release the power of forgiveness to bring healing and the peace of Creator God to this land.”

Rick Joyner who functions as a prophetic voice in the US was also in attendance. He said that breaking vows or treaties can result in curses being put upon a nation. He believes these type of acts of forgiveness can impact the spiritual destiny of America.

After the Native Americans forgave, they spoke blessings over the US.

In some ways it reminds me of a prayer uttered by the prophet Daniel while he was in captivity in Babylon. The story of the nation’s sin and God’s judgement is recorded in the Book of Jeremiah.

As Daniel was reading Jeremiah’s prophecies, he realized God promised to restore the Jews back to their land after 70 years. With this time just about up, Daniel began to intercede for the nation (Daniel 9).

He even mentioned breaking the curse that was on Israel because of its sin.

11 Indeed all Israel has transgressed Your law and turned aside, not obeying Your voice; so the curse has been poured out on us, along with the oath which is written in the law of Moses the servant of God, for we have sinned against Him. (Daniel 9:11 NASV)

He then confessed his sin, the sin of the Jews in captivity, the sin of his ancestors and even their rulers that resulted in God’s judgement (Daniel 9:3-8).

Though God had promised to restore Israel, in order for this to happen someone still needed to break this curse over the nation. I believe God raised up Daniel to do just this. It was his prophetic act that resulted in their return to the Promised Land.

I believe Jesus addressed this concept when He said:

23 If you forgive the sins of any, their sins have been forgiven them; if you retain the sins of any, they have been retained.” (John 20:23 NASV)

He spoke of the power of forgiveness. If we forgive someone’s sin, they are forgiven.

If we don’t forgive, then their sins are “retained” which is the Greek word ‘krateo.’  It means “to have power, to be powerful, to be chief, be master, to rule.”

When we forgive someone, this does not mean they are Christians, but it does break the power that the sin has over them.

Forgiveness is the key to breaking demonic strongholds on a nation.

Joyner added that most people will probably not be aware of the prophetic significance of this event that took place near the Washington Monument at the end of October.

Similarly most Israelis scattered throughout Babylon had no idea Daniel was praying and breaking the curse that would allow them to return to the Promised Land.

One day the Jews woke up and everything was changed. A new government came to power, that allowed them to go home.


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