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Democrat lawmaker in Arizona accused of swiping Bibles and hiding them

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KTVK-TV is alleging that an Arizona Democrat politician, Rep Stephanie Stahl Hamilton, has been accused of taking Bibles in the legislature’s member-only lounge and hiding them, The Blaze reports.

Apparently, there were reports that Bibles placed inside the lounge were disappearing, and the legislature’s security team was sent in to investigate. And they did this by installing a secret video camera to discover what was going on.

The Blaze reports what they found out:

Sure enough, they weren’t just disappearing into the ether. Resulting video shows Democrat state Rep. Stephanie Stahl Hamilton pilfering two Bibles in just minutes, KTVK said. […]

The House’s security team found one Bible “buried in the members-only lounge furniture,” the station said. And the other? Believe it or not, KTVK said Good Book #2 was located in the “community refrigerator.”

And if that wasn’t bizarre enough, it seems that Stahl is actually an ordained Presbyterian Minister.

READ: Democrat lawmaker caught on video swiping Bibles from state House lounge — then she apparently hid them. It gets even weirder.

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