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Controversial movie, ‘Come out in Jesus Name,’ causes a stir in theaters across America

Another Christian movie is causing a stir in American theaters. This is not only because it hit number five in box office sales, but also because of what is happening in theaters where it is being shown.

The movie, called “Come out in Jesus Name,” focuses on the power of the Holy Spirit to deliver people from demonic influences.

The Demon Slayer Podcast, which includes Pastor Greg Locke, Alexander Pagani, Vlad Savchuk, and Isaiah Saldivar, were the driving force behind the movie’s production that came in fifth behind “AIR,” “Dungeons & Dragons,” “John Wick: Chapter 4,” and “The Super Mario Bros.” Incredibly it placed second when considering per screen average sales.

Through the movie, the members of Demons Slayers Podcast are hoping that Christians will understand and embrace their authority in Christ over the demonic.

But aside from how well the movie has done financially, it is what is happening at the theaters that is proving quite controversial, as God TV states there have been reports of healings, salvations, and deliverances.

As an example, God TV cited a Facebook posting by Alexander Pagani, one of the members of the Demon Slayer Podcast, who attended a screening of the movie in Danbury, Connecticut wrote:

“DANBURY MOVIE THEATER WAS CRAZY! Tonight we led the whole theater in renouncing and all Heaven broke loose! They called the police but deliverance broke out in [the] parking lot.”

In an interview with Charisma News, Locke said that they have received similar reports from theaters across America where the movie was broadcast.

“Every single theater that it was shown in America had demonic manifestations and healings and miracles taking place. I mean, you can’t make that up! I’m on the big screen, it’s not like I’m there. There’s no music, there’s no manipulation.”

Chad Dunlap, who works for Charisma Media as Executive VP of Business Development, confirmed that a similar thing happened during a showing of the film in Altamonte Springs, Florida which he attended.

Dunlap reported that demons were manifesting during the movie resulting in many receiving deliverances.

“Seeing a packed theater standing on their feet, praying prayers of renunciation and receiving full deliverance was an emotional and powerful experience.”

“Demons were manifesting in the theater and breakthrough was received by many people who attended. The success of ‘Come Out in Jesus Name’ is proof that there is an authentic desire and thirst for a move of God.”

Locke formerly a Baptist preacher gained notoriety during the pandemic when he kept his church in Mount Juliet, TN open and even discouraged the use of masks when attending services. Locke was formerly a cessationist who did not believe the gifts of the Spirit are for today, but now fully embraces them.

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