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Controversial movie, ‘Come out in Jesus Name,’ causes a stir in theaters across America

Another Christian movie is causing a stir in American theaters. This is not only because it hit number five in box office sales, but also because of what is happening in theaters where it is being shown. The movie, called “Come out in Jesus Name,” focuses on the power of the Holy Spirit to deliver people from demonic influences. The Demon Slayer Podcast, which includes Pastor Greg Locke, Alexander Pagani, Vlad Savchuk, and Isaiah Saldivar, were the driving force behind the movie’s production that came in fifth behind “AIR,” “Dungeons & Dragons,” “John Wick: Chapter 4,” and “The Super Mario Bros.” Incredibly it placed second when considering per screen average sales. Through the movie, the members of Demons Slayers Podcast are hoping that Christians will understand and embrace their authority in Christ over the demonic. But aside from how well the movie has done financially, it is what is happening at the theaters that is proving quite controversial, as God TV states there have been reports of healings, salvations, and deliverances. As an example, God …

Reported case of demon possession in Gary, Indiana parallels Biblical accounts

The case of demonic possession reported in Gary, Indiana seems like it was a long, lost script from the Exorcist, except in this case the demonic actions were witnessed by secular members of society — police officers, medical staff (including a doctor) and welfare officials. Some of the strange happenings included a child walking up the wall backwards which was seen by a Registered Nurse and a manager for Indiana’s Department of Child Services (DCS). The case involves Latoya Ammons and her three children, a girl 12, and two boys aged 9 and 7 all of whom were reportedly possessed by evil spirits.