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Mis-gendering God?

Creation of Adam on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel
Credit: Michelangelo/1517/Wikipedia/Public Domain

It is a big deal today if you mis-gender someone, but it seems that the Church of England is determined to do just that with God.

Even though the Bible refers to God with male pronouns such as He and terms like “Our Father”, the Church of England Bishops recently decided to mis-gender God and refer to Him with gender-neutral terms, the Daily Mail reports.

This would include even changing the first line of the Lord’s prayer that starts with “Our Father.”

However, a recent poll by Redfield and Wilton Strategies found that 65% of people are opposed to this gender-neutral change. With 20% stating they were uncertain, only 15% actually supported it.

Of course, the Church of England has gone completely woke, and such a move would require the support of the General Synod, where there would be significant resistance to such changes.

Even the world-wide Anglican church is starting to tire of the Church of England’s liberal trend.

Under the current arrangement, the Bishop of Canterbury in England is traditionally considered the head of the Anglican Church, but recently conservative members of the Anglican church in Africa, South America and Asia fired the Bishop of Canterbury.

READ: God ‘should NOT be gender neutral’: Poll finds two-thirds of the public oppose Church of England using non-binary terms for deity amid plan by Bishops AND Anglican church leaders around the world oust Archbishop of Canterbury as their head in historic blow for Church following decision to permit blessing of same-sex couples

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