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Poll: 57% of university students are scared to express opinions in class

University of Wisconsin – Madison campus
Credit: Wikipedia/Public Domain

A survey conducted by UW-Stout’s Menard Center for Public Policy and Service found that 57% of students felt they could not express their personal views on controversial subjects in classes at the University of Wisconsin, WND reports.

The survey of over ten thousand students at 13 of the university’s campuses also found that 37% felt pressured to agree with their professor’s opinions on controversial subjects.

When asked why they were hesitant to express their personal opinions:

  • 60% of students feared they would receive backlash from other students if they voiced dissenting opinions to the woke messaging;
  • 40% felt it would negatively impact their grades; and
  • 31% feared that other students would report them to administrators if they voiced opinions that the woke mob did not agree with.

READ: Survey: 57% of students afraid to express views in class

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