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Third-grader wins battle with her school over ‘Jesus Loves Me’ facemask

Third-grader, Lydia Booth, wearing her ‘Jesus Loves Me’
Credit: Alliance Defending Freedom

In 2020, third-grader Lydia Booth was forced to wear a facemask at school because of Covid, but got into a heap of trouble with her Simpson County School District in Mississippi when she wore a facemask that said: “Jesus love me,” Fox News reports.

Kids throughout the school were wearing facemasks with words on them and Lydia had worn the mask several times, with no complaints. Note, the facemask didn’t say “Jesus loves you” it was an expression of her personal faith of God’s love for her.

Lydia said that in the midst of the pandemic, the facemask helped her feel safe.

But that changed when the school district decided to change its policy in the middle of its school year and disallow masks with political and religious messages on them.

As soon as the edict was passed, Lydia was told she could no longer wear the mask. It was noted that, Lydia’s facemask did not cause disruption in the school and none of the students had complained about it.

But obviously, someone didn’t like it.

The family with the help of the Alliance Defending Freedom took the school district to court stating it was an infringement of Lydia’s Freedom of Religion guaranteed under the US Constitution.

Even though facemasks are no longer required, the school has since backed down and agreed to allow facemasks with religious and political expressions on them.

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