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Video: Little girl cries because she doesn’t have ‘lines’ like her mom


20mins crying because she doesn’t have lines in her forehead like Mummy and Daddy!! #kidssaythefunniestthings #funnythingskidssay #motherhood #tantrum #botox

♬ original sound – Vic_Cross_

A cute little video on TikTok shows a young girl crying.

When Vic Cross asked her daughter why she is crying, she explained it is because she doesn’t have lines like her mom and dad.

When mom asks what lines, the daughter points to the wrinkles on her mom’s forehead.

There was a funny comment on the Daily Mail about the video, explaining “When we were a small family, my sister used to cry most of the day because I and my brother both had a brother and a sister and she only had two brothers.”

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