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Christian doctors sue New Mexico over forced participation in assisted suicide

A group of doctors and dentists, who are part of the Christian Medical and Dental Association, are suing the state of New Mexico because of legislation forcing them to participate in assisted suicide.

With the assistance of Alliance Defending Freedom, the group claims this is a violation of their freedom of religion.

Under a law passed in 2021, New Mexico is requiring doctors to discuss assisted suicide and refer patients for such services even if they don’t agree with it.

CBN reports that doctors who refuse to comply could not only lose their professional license, but even face “substantial criminal, civil, administrative, and professional liability.”

This past September, a federal court ruled against the California government that was forcing doctors to do the same in that state. The court concluded that the law was unconstitutional as it violated the First Amendment right of doctors by forcing them to participate in an activity that violated their faith and conscience.

READ: Christian Doctors and Dentists Sue State Over Forced Participation with Assisted Suicide

Meanwhile, in Canada

READ: Killing fields of liberal Canada: Shocking figures reveal thousands including those who aren’t terminally ill are choosing to end their lives under the world’s most open assisted suicide system as fears emerge scheme could be rolled out to children

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