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Green Peace: Recycling is a waste of time and money

Many municipalities are embracing recycling forcing their citizens to separate their plastics from their regular garbage.

Of course, along with those new bins, the city is able to add extra charges, call it a tax grab, in order to save the environment.

In a shocking report, Green Peace has announced that the recycling of plastics is basically a scam and does nothing to save the environment and in fact, is probably making things worse.

The City Journal writes:

This has been obvious for decades to anyone who crunched the numbers, but the fantasy of recycling plastic proved irresistible to generations of environmentalists and politicians. They preached it to children, mandated it for adults, and bludgeoned municipalities and virtue-signaling corporations into wasting vast sums—probably hundreds of billions of dollars worldwide—on an enterprise that has been harmful to the environment as well as to humanity.[…]

The Greenpeace report offers a wealth of statistics and an admirably succinct diagnosis: “Mechanical and chemical recycling of plastic waste has largely failed and will always fail because plastic waste is: (1) extremely difficult to collect, (2) virtually impossible to sort for recycling, (3) environmentally harmful to reprocess, (4) often made of and contaminated by toxic materials, and (5) not economical to recycle.” Greenpeace could have added a sixth reason: forcing people to sort and rinse their plastic garbage is a waste of everyone’s time. But then, making life more pleasant for humans has never been high on the green agenda.

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By the way, most of the stuff that we throw into the recycle bins ends up at the garbage dump anyway, in part because of China’s decision in 2018, to no longer accept our recycling materials, including paper and plastics. READ: Is This the End of Recycling?

So after we painfully separate our garbage by hand, the city dumps it all back together by hauling it out to the dump.

This is typically how government’s operate.

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