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Video: Vancouver is dying

There was a disturbing news story yesterday on how a Vancouver Policewoman, Const. Shaelyn Yang, 31, was fatally stabbed to death by a homeless person while checking on a homeless camp that are spreading across that city. She leaves behind a husband and young daughter. READ: B.C. RCMP officer, 31, fatally stabbed identified as Const. Shaelyn Yang

This disturbing incident took place less than two weeks after a video was released about the mounting social problems in Vancouver, Canada.

Called, Vancouver is Dying, it already has over 800,000 views:

The video alleges that Vancouver’s growing social issues are due to left-wing municipal politicians and their woke policies. This includes a push to defund and hamstring the police in dealing with crime and providing free drugs to addicts instead of helping them break free from their addictions.

Not surprisingly just south of Vancouver, across the US/Canadian border, the city of Seattle which has also elected left-wing politicians is encountering similar social problems for basically the same reasons.

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