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‘Jesus was not crucified on a Gucci cross’

Crucifixion of Christ by Diego Velázquez (1599–1660)/Wikipedia/Public Domain

Christian actress Candace Cameron Bure recently shared a video with her nearly six million Instagram followers of a young Nigerian girl, Cherry Paul Ede, reciting a poem by African poet Fragile Dogubo, Christian Post report.

Bure’s post quickly went viral, as the poem was in some ways, a criticism of today’s Christian celebrity culture:

“I don’t know who needs to hear this, but Jesus was not crucified on a Gucci cross. He didn’t have on a crown of Versace thorns or Nike shoes on his feet when the nails pierced through. There was nothing bougie about Calvary.”

“That old raggedy wooden cross wasn’t even befitting to hold the carpenter’s son, but there our God hung, held on by His love for us, by His love for all.

“I thought the crucifixion was like the Grammys, an award show only for a self-righteous view. But the Bible didn’t mention an ovation — only wrongful accusation, hate speech and boos from fools. The King of Glory came through.”

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