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The confluence of Technology and COVID restrictions

A confluence is defined as several flowing streams meeting or gathering together at one point and merging together. It can refer to actual rivers joining or as I will use it in this article, ideas converging at the same moment in time.

Over the last couple of years, there has been a convergence of several ideas that may be paving the way for what the Apostle John saw emerging in the end times the mark of the Beast that would be used to control people’s ability to buy or sell.

The first stream, the chip

Most recently, CBN had an article about a popular TikTok star, known as ‘The Chip Girl,’ with over three million followers, who has been showing the world the benefits of having a chip inserted in your hand.

Burgundy Waller, who lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, is married to a man she describes as a ‘tech genius.’ Two years ago Burgundy had a chip her husband developed, inserted into her hand.

In her TikTok videos, Burgundy shows the benefit that the chip provides her as with a simple touch, she is able to unlock the door to her mansion and as well doors and closets throughout her house.

The chip contains different radio frequencies unique to each item and allows them to be opened with a simple touch.

While Burgundy’s chip can only open doors, her husband’s chip contains information about his websites and social media sites. Burgundy adds that at some point she may need to upgrade to a new chip, which can store credit card information and be used to make actual purchases.

Many of her videos have gone viral, and she is making a chip inserted into your hand, the new, cool, high-tech toy.

In his vision of the end times, the Apostle John saw a time coming when people would be forced to take the mark of the Beast on either their hand or forehead in order to buy or sell anything (Revelation 13:17).

Those studying end times theology have long speculated that this would involve some type of computer technology that would be inserted into people.

So we have this idea of computer technology providing a cool, secure way of controlling your identity and being able to make purchases.

But that in itself was not enough. People had to also get used to the idea that governments should be allowed to prevent people from performing certain activities if they have not fully conformed to the government’s agenda.

The second stream, restricting people

The COVID pandemic provided the second stream where governments restricted people’s behavior, if they didn’t have a vaccine.

Perhaps one of the most visible demonstrations of this was seen in Canada during the massive truck convoys, that took place earlier this year, where thousands of people journeyed to the country’s capital city, Ottawa protesting the COVID restrictions.

The protests centered around the government restricting travel across the US-Canadian border if you were not vaccinated. This hit truckers particularly hard. Though unvaccinated Canadian truckers were allowed to haul goods into the US, they were not allowed back into Canada if they were not vaccinated. The same rules applied to American truckers.

Canadians were also prevented from flying by plane without proof of vaccination.

But it wasn’t just Canada, New Yorkers were able to download the Excelsior Pass, a telephone app, to prove that they were vaccinated or tested negative for COVID which would allow them to attend large events or ‘crowded businesses.’

In 2021, proof of vaccination was needed in Australia for a person to travel outside their state and even to attend family gatherings and large events.

In the US, several universities stopped students from attending classes if they weren’t vaccinated and in at least one instance stopped a student from doing online classes from his home because he wasn’t vaccinated. It took computer viruses to the next level.

But it was concerning because living home, there was no possible way that this student could infect other students. The real issue is that he was not in complaince.

So people became accustomed to the idea that governments could restrict people’s behavior, if they didn’t conform to what the politicians wanted.

While many were disgusted with this infringement on people’s liberties, an equal number were fully on board with this.

The third stream, the snitches

Then a third stream developed where many jurisdictions set up snitch lines where people could report family, neighbors, and friends who were violating the COVID restrictions.

People have long known that they could report crimes, but when governments publicized snitch lines where people could anonymously report on people, it took things to a different level.

New York City mayor Bill de Blasio, set up such a snitch line where people could report others via text for violating social distancing rules.

Fortunately, he was eventually forced to close down the lines as trolls bombarded it with false and obscene messages.

Nevertheless, people were getting used to the idea of turning in those that the government didn’t approve of.

And Jesus warned of a time when family members will be turning in each other (Matthew 10:21-23).

It is interesting that these ideas are emerging and gaining acceptance at around the same time. However, it is their confluence, merging together, that will ultimately pave the way for the emergence of the antiChrist.

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