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Questions about the FBI raid of Donald Trump’s home

The shocking announcement that the FBI raided the home of former US President Donald Trump has sparked some interesting questions.

No one is above the law, including a former President, but if this is not a political vendetta, Breitbart wonders when we can expect the FBI to raid the homes of Joe and Hunter Biden and the Clintons:

Hunter Biden and Joe Biden: The FBI has been in possession of Hunter’s laptop since 2019, which contains evidence that Hunter used Joe’s position to conduct lucrative foreign business. He also cut his dad into deals and commingled their funds.

Hillary Clinton: Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton mishandled classified information on a private server she likely used to hide efforts to use her office to raise money for her family’s foundation. She was infamously excused by the FBI.

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While some suggest that the Democrats may have orchestrated this in an attempt to stop Trump from running for president in 2024, it may end up having the opposite result:

READ: Never Trumper Joe Walsh: FBI Raid ‘Pissed Off’ Moderate Republicans into Backing Trump

Former Democratic Candidate says that the FBI raid on Donald Trump’s home seems political. READ: ‘It Seems Political’: Andrew Yang Condemns FBI Raid On Mar-A-Lago

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