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Man murdered after helping lead 8 Muslims to Christ in Uganda

Uganda Credit: Melissa Askew/

When six Muslim men and two women became Christians after a public debate between Christianity and Islam in the village of Sirimula, in Uganda on July 6, 2022, Islamic extremists attacked the Christian participants, killing Robert Bwenje, 28.

As Pastor Ambrose Mugisha, 25, and Bwenje, who had participated in the debate, were returning to their home village, Nyamiringa, they were attacked by a group of men shouting, “Allah akbar, Allah akbar [Allah is greater].”

The assailants fled when a passerby stumbled upon the assault. Both the Christian men were taken to a local hospital, where Bwenje later died from his injuries.

Mugisha, who works as an assistant pastor at Elim Pentecostal Church in Nyamiringa, had initiated the debate as part of a plan to establish a church in Surimula.

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