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Prominent left-wing researcher flees left-wing ‘cuckoo land’

Calling it a ‘cuckoo land’ a prominent researcher with the Center for American Progress (CAP), a left-wing think tank, has left the organization to join a conservative think tank called American Enterprise Institute, the Daily Caller reports.

Ruy Teixeira said his decision to leave was due to the left’s obsessive fixation on identity issues, race and gender, which makes it impossible to do real research on important issues.

The Daily Caller provides more details:

Left-leaning think tanks have given in to demands of junior staffers and made it difficult for scholars to discuss crime, immigration and other issues beyond a narrow set of default assumptions, according to Teixeira.

The culture within left-leaning organizations “sends me running screaming from the left,” Teixeira told Politico. “It’s just cloud cuckoo land…”

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Teixeira left with this Tweet:

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