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Are Chinese companies buying land near US air force bases?

Questions are being raised after a Chinese company bought 300 acres of land near a US Air Force base in North Dakota this year, the New York Post reports.

Were US officials concerned about what was going on at the Wuhan Institute of Virology?

Today, most believe that the COVID virus leaked out of the Chinese Communist Party’s level 4 virology lab, Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV), in Wuhan, China. nitially, several mainstream media and scientists tried to cover that story up. But bigger concerns have since been raised on what type of experiments were taking place on the coronavirus at WIV?

This is so boring; until they come for us

Are you familiar with the term “World View”? I usually click on something else, when I hear that in the news. This is one of those sleeper topics, that we ignore, and we pay a price later. The commentator with Fox News, Tucker Carlson, has been speaking about this, recently. He believes that Christians will be attacked because of different world views. He is correct, and we should know what he is saying. Let’s analyze: When you saw the words “Tucker Carlson” and “Fox News” you had an opinion, probably. You were either happy or unhappy. U.S. politics are very polarized, these days. If you didn’t feel anything, you might be Canadian. That is a picture of a worldview. We make small decisions and they grow into an orientation. The small things that we decide make us into the people that we are, they give us a world view. So, with a world view, you admire one person from one news source, or you have strong feelings the other way and you don’t like him. …

Ten stories from this week

Here are a ten news stories, that caught my attention, this past week. Prophetic word about draft, fulfilled in the very last pick in 2021 NFL draft Grant Stuard was an all-conference linebacker while playing for the University of Houston. His dad was in prison several times and his drug-addict mother worked strip clubs to feed her habit, leaving Grant to raise his four siblings. There had been hints he would be drafted in the 2021 NFL draft, and a friend even gave a prophetic word, that this would happen. But Grant was losing hope by the time the seventh and final round of the draft started. But Grant was picked by the NFL Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the very last pick of the draft. READ: NFL’s Last Draft Pick Sees His Blessing Movie director encourages Chris Pratt to ‘keep standing for Jesus’ Andrew Erwin, who has directed films such as American Underdog and Moms’ Night Out, took to Instagram to support Hollywood actor, Chris Pratt, after he was criticized for sharing that his faith …