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This is so boring; until they come for us

How do you look at the world?

Are you familiar with the term “World View”? I usually click on something else, when I hear that in the news. This is one of those sleeper topics, that we ignore, and we pay a price later.

The commentator with Fox News, Tucker Carlson, has been speaking about this, recently. He believes that Christians will be attacked because of different world views.

He is correct, and we should know what he is saying.

Let’s analyze: When you saw the words “Tucker Carlson” and “Fox News” you had an opinion, probably. You were either happy or unhappy. U.S. politics are very polarized, these days. If you didn’t feel anything, you might be Canadian.

That is a picture of a worldview. We make small decisions and they grow into an orientation. The small things that we decide make us into the people that we are, they give us a world view.

So, with a world view, you admire one person from one news source, or you have strong feelings the other way and you don’t like him. When many people are persuaded to one side or the other, we have a divided, polarized society, and that is dangerous.

Whatever you think about Tucker Carlson and his employer, he is right this time.

Someone who lives and works in the fire, a news voice for a popular broadcaster, can see the trends. People are taking sides, and Christians are being pulled into the fight. With polarized world views, Christians will be persecuted.

If you want to see what this looks like:

Someone attacked a Christian church, in the United States, and she seemed very proud as she walked away. Apparently, there were people who approved and cheered what she did to that church building. This might be an argument about abortions and “Roe vs Wade.”

“World View” is not a boring topic when they start throwing rocks. I think the police are calling this incident a hate crime.

That is a picture of polarized world views. It gets ugly.

Where I live, I had a neighbor who went to a church near us. He has moved to a new place, but whenever I see him, he talks about his pastor being taken to court and charged with a crime.

Apparently, last year, during the time of COVID restrictions, the church did not let inspectors into the building, at a time when the people were having a worship service. The inspectors wanted to make sure the congregation was obeying the rules for COVID restrictions.

If you are wondering, only one person in that church might have received a positive test for COVID. There was no outbreak.

The restrictions on churches were lifted, months ago, but the case went to court anyway. Just recently, the pastor and the church were convicted in court and fined eighty thousand dollars. They have a short time to come up with the money, or their property will be seized and sold.

They don’t have the money.

Probably both sides are sure that they are correct, depending on world views. Someone in authority is happy to close a Christian church permanently and seize and sell the property. This makes sense to them, from their world view.

If you want to know my opinion, I wish someone could have calmed the argument, before it got out of control. The damage from this action will be with us for a long time. But being calm, and compromising, are not popular these days.

So, are you bored with this topic? “World View” can grow into something shocking, and we might miss the evolution. I’m sure, people in both churches, the one where rocks were thrown, and the one convicted in court, are shocked. I will ask my old neighbor when I see him again. He will probably be looking for a new church home.

This world view problem is not new. We were warned about it two thousand years ago:

They will put you out of the synagogue; in fact, the time is coming when anyone who kills you will think they are offering a service to God. They will do such things because they have not known the Father or me. I have told you this, so that when their time comes you will remember that I warned you about them. (John 16: 2 to 4)

So, religious people, who respect God, will kill Christians and believe they are doing good work for God. Jesus told us this.

“World View” is a powerful thing.

It is good for us all to look at the decisions we have made, and the direction we have taken. We are going somewhere, and we chose the road.

Choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve. (Joshua 24: 15)

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