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Italian government fining the dead for not getting vaccinated

Speaking of government overreach, the Italian government is fining anyone over the age of 50, who has not been vaccinated for COVID.

The fine amounts to about $105US and apparently includes people who have died.

Some of it’s due to bureaucratic incompetence as Breitbart explains:

Maria Sedda, the woman who received the sanction from Italian authorities for being unvaccinated, disappeared in 2004 aged 37, but the fact she is legally dead did not stop the Sardinian municipality of Lula from sending a €100 (£84/$105) fine to her in the mail.

Relatives of Ms Sedda have been forced to turn to a lawyer to help them tackle the bureaucratic error and, according to a report from the newspaper Il Giornale, they will likely have to produce a death certificate to have the fine waived.

The fine, which came by registered mail, arrived in early March and was just one of the thousands of letters sent out by the Italian revenue agency to those not registered as being vaccinated since the policy was enacted earlier this year.

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