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Global warming fanatics vandalize gas stations and rail lines

Global Warming fanatics based in England recently vandalized two gas stations, making them inoperable for several hours.

They were part of a group, Just Stop Oil, which as their name suggests, want an immediate end to all oil production in order to stop the ice melting in the Antarctic and Arctic and the world being washed away.

It’s estimated only 25% of oil production is actually used to fuel vehicles.

The group started off by gluing themselves to the tarmac of the gas stations and then decided to vandalize the pumps.

The Daily Mail provides the details:

Another activist, 22-year-old Coventry student Nathan McGovern, has also been regularly arrested carrying out illegal stunts and was today filmed smashing petrol pumps. 

He spoke in a grandiose video address uploaded to the Just Stop Oil twitter account this morning, where he accused the government of ‘genocide’ for not doing enough to tackle global warming. 

Stephanie Golder, a 34-year-old charity project coordinator from Essex, claimed to be ‘sick and tired of being treated like a criminal’ – as her accomplices destroyed a petrol pump in an blatant act of criminal damage. […]

Just Stop Oil claim 1,000 activists have been arrested since the start of the month, when they blocked a series of oil terminals in a move that was partially blamed for pushing up petrol prices. 

READ: Why can’t they stop them? Fury as ‘John Lennon-lookalike’ who’s been jailed over climate protests leads Just Stop Oil shutdown of two M25 petrol stations for FIVE HOURS after group vowed to continue chaos despite threat of prison

Will these acts of eco vandalism show up in the US and Canada? Rail lines sabotaged

Some have wondered if this type of eco vandalism will eventually make its way to North America.

Sadly, it may already have. Two people were convicted in 2021 of trying to sabotage rail lines in Washington State as part of their opposition to the construction of oil pipelines in British Columbia, Canada.

Note, shunts are capable of derailing trains.

ABC News explains:

SEATTLE — A second defendant has been convicted of sabotaging railroad tracks near the U.S.-Canada border in Washington state just before a train carrying crude oil was due to pass through — apparently part of a campaign to protest construction of a pipeline across British Columbia.[…]

It was one of dozens of shunts placed on the tracks last year, apparently to slow the delivery of oil and supplies in protest of a natural gas pipeline across through Indigenous land in British Columbia. Opponents say the 416-mile (670-kilometer) Coastal GasLink Pipeline Project will worsen environmental damage..

READ: 2nd woman convicted of railroad track sabotage in Washington

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Meanwhile, in the Antarctic

While eco fanatics use vandalism to stop the ice from melting at the North and South poles, Scientists are reporting that a swarm of 85,000 earthquakes that took place under the Antarctic ice in 2020 was due to magma flows.

The Daily Mail explains:

A ‘swarm’ of 85,000 earthquakes in Antarctica that lasted about six months in 2020 was triggered by magma from an underwater volcano, a new study says. 

The swarm occurred at Orca Seamount, a deep-sea volcano near King George Island in Antarctica, in the Bransfield Strait, which has been inactive for ‘a long time’. 

Swarm quakes mainly occur in volcanically active regions, so the movement of magma in the Earth’s crust is therefore suspected as the cause.

READ: Mystery Antarctic ‘swarm’ of 85,000 earthquakes ‘was triggered by magma from a long-dormant underwater volcano’

Meanwhile, I have wondered?

I don’t have a Ph.D. in thermodynamics, but I have wondered if heat that is capable of turning rock into molten lava would also be able to melt ice. I know this is a big stretch, but just asking for a friend.

For the record, there are dozens of volcanos, under both the Antarctic and Arctic ice caps.

READ: Volcanoes Erupt Beneath Arctic Ice

READ: Hidden Volcanoes Melt Antarctic Glaciers from Below AND Scientists discover 91 volcanoes below Antarctic ice sheet

READ (published in 2017): Volcanic Eruptions May Be Rapidly Melting Arctic Ice Sheets, Study Says

Meanwhile, the Bible predicted volcanos in the end times

The Prophet Joel, who was prophesying in Israel nearly 2,900 years ago, warned that the coming Day of the Lord would be marked by an increase in volcanic activity.

The Day of the Lord refers to the second coming of Christ. The volcanos described as columns of smoke (note the plural) would bring great destruction, fire, blood (death) and the resulting ash which would cause the sun to darken:

I will display wonders in the sky and on the earth,
Blood, fire, and columns of smoke.
31 The sun will be turned into darkness,
And the moon into blood,
Before the great and awesome day of the Lord comes.
(Joel 2:30-31)

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