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Are scientists working on a ‘contagious’ COVID vaccine?

The COVID virus
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We already know that it was scientists working at a Chinese Communist Party virology lab in Wuhan who manipulated the genes of a bat virus, allowing it to transfer to humans, that resulted in the COVID pandemic.

And, now, the Western Journal is reporting that scientists are hoping to develop an equally contagious vaccine. Once vaccinated, this would result in a person transferring their COVID immunity to others they come in close contact with.

The Western Journal reports:

Scientists are working to develop a “contagious” vaccine “that could replicate in a host’s body and spread to others nearby, quickly and easily protecting a whole population from microbial attacks,” according to a new report in The National Geographic.

They are trying to create “genetically engineered viruses,” anticipating they will “spread from one animal to another, imparting immunity to disease rather than infection.”

Call me crazy, but considering that the world is still reeling from the last experiment with gain of function research, this sounds like a horrible idea.

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