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Canadian pastor arrested, again

Christian Post is reporting that Calgary police have arrested Pastor Artur Pawlowski yet again. Pawlowski, who grew up in communism in Poland and pastors Cave of Adallum Church and Street Church, has been arrested several times for opposing the Alberta government’s Covid mandates limiting worship.

The arrest this time was for a different matter.

According to the family, Pawlowski was charged with “causing mischief by ‘blockading infrastructure'” because he was planning to preach at a convoy protest in Milk River, Alberta.

With the emergence of the milder Omicron variant and its flu-like symptoms, protests have emerged across Canada calling for federal and provincial governments to end the Omicron mandates.

Though the trucker protests have focussed primarily on Canada’s capital city, Ottawa, there have also been protests across the country.

Many of them are taking place at US-Canada border crossings such as Milky River.

This is because it was the federal government’s mandate issued on Jan. 15, 2022, requiring all truckers crossing the border to be fully vaccinated, that first sparked the Convoy protest. This included Canadian truckers returning from deliveries into America.

While the Canadian federal government was hardening its mandates, with the emergence of Omicron, many countries around the world are loosening their restrictions.

READ: Pastor Artur Pawlowski arrested before preaching at Canadian trucker convoy AND ‘Take back life’: More nations ease coronavirus restrictions

Meanwhile, in Las Vegas:

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